Thursday, April 24, 2014

Outtakes: Jules


Sometimes i shoot film, sometimes i don't. depends on the situation and the point of the shoot. But, sometimes if i don't, I like to process my images as if I did, because sometimes I look at a photo and think "damn that would look dope on film". With Instagram and all these other apps, I make sure that i don't post anything on social media that i can't recreate from scratch on my desktop, so i don't feel like it'm fronting. 

Starting out as an illustrator, half of the fun of photography for me is post-processing.

I posted my shoot with Jules earlier and I like her look and sometimes her expressions are so 'fuck you'. So some of these out takes of less polished poses i thought would look dope as film, which i didn't bring, so here's how they would look if i did. 

4/1/14: Melissa

L.A. Livin

4/14/14: Jules