Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Fader x Reebok Classics Presents: Coast to Coast

We fell through The Fader x Reebok Classics' Coast to Coast event last night with none other than The Black Lip Bastard himself - Ab-Soul of TDE. After chopping it up with him before the show about our common home turf of Carson, California, we watched him jump on stage and give the crowd a live almost hour set of all his bangers which was definitely a treat. I'm a big fan of all of TDE and Ab def didn't disappoint, always dope to see an artist that can chill with the crowd like he's not even famous and then rock that same crowd. Big thanks to The Fader, Reebok Classics and Karen Civil for a great evening. Check out some of the photos below. 

The Fader always throws the livest events - open bars never hurt (until the next morning)

Shout out to Karen Civil for putting it together. 

Dope crowd on hand

Soulo hoe.

Trees always in the air with Soulo

Surprise to appearance by Kid Ink

Monday, November 24, 2014


Happy Monday! To start of fyour week thought I'd share this quick set - Phoebe and I wanted to jump in the studio and do something different from what we did last time. She has the most outgoing personality so we wanted to capture that with a quick goofy shoot that was simple but fun. Couldn't ask for a better outcome, check em out! 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Animal Style

Happy Friday! I did a set with Valeria a while back in this animal print leotard and posted the more polished photos but you know I like to mix it up and not do too much so during that set I though tit would be cool to go back to my roots and switched on the on camera flash and just snapped a few fun ones in that style. Since I haven't posted thought I would throw those up because I'm sure you're not tired of Vivi yet. Enjoy! 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Valerie Set 2

Happy Monday. You May remember my last set with Vivi, so I thought I would follow that up and bless you with another look we did. We wanted to get playful so she threw on her 'meow' beanie and we kept it simple with come black and white which I am always a fan of. Hope you enjoy, don't forget to check her out @missvivi_.