Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Coke White with Lizette

Happy humpday all. Thought I'd put up another set from my last shoot with Lizette. We were doing some more high end fashion stuff in the studio that day but she has the personality and skill set to kill a white background shoot, which i don't think is easy for everyone, so we decided to loosen up and have some fun before we got out. As you have seen from our earlier work, she can do no wrong, so i though this was def post-worthy material. Enjoy! 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Latham for Diamond Supply Company

Happy Friday folks. I thought I'd finally post this set that I did with my homie Latham Bowman for his boy Nick Diamond of Diamond Supply Company. He tossed Latham a bunch of Diamond and Diamond x Grizzly Grip Tape capsule pieces when he told him I shoot streetwear and we linked up and got to shooting. I figured just mobbing around L.A. and finding some gritty, dope locations would fit both our styles and I was definitely happy with the outcomes. Not sure if/when Nick will release these but thought I'd throw them up here in the meantime. Check out my boy Latham on IG at @thefakelathambowman too. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Poise x Collective SS '15 Capsule

Whats up people. Sorry for the long hiatus it's been crazy lately. I just got back from the Coachella valley but decided to play and not work out there so don't expect any snaps from that event - sorry, not sorry. Anyhow here's some shots from a lookbook i did for L.A. based brand PoisexCollective. They hit me up with the minimalist concept ad since i really like this feel and i had never done it i was all the way down. It officially dropped yesterday so check out the rest here. Good folk too.