Wednesday, February 24, 2016

All of the Lights

It's always fun to try out new, kind of unorthodox locations to break the monotony of what you're used to. Tamara was in town from Miami and hit me for a shoot - I always have great luck with Miami clients so i obliged gladly. She really wanted to hit an art insiallation in LA. We linked up kinda late at night and there were still tons of people at the location, but being the down chick she is, she could care less. The trench came off right away and it wa slike nobody was a round. Gotta love the confidence. Many guys were glad their girls dragged them to the musem that night I'm sure. Anyways hope you dig this set from me and Tamara and hopefully we get to do another one soon. Check her out on IG @Tamara_Amadore. 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

In Public with Janna

Happy weekend all Just some quick fun with the awesome Janna Breslin on an unusually warm San Diego night. While i get to the rest of her sets. Check her out on IG @JannBreslin

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Street Shots

I always love walking through my city and capturing some of the beauty that people normally walk right past. Sometimes is more obvious and sometimes less. I don't get to do this too often because i stay so busy, so the collections slowly build. Here's the last few i was able to snap over the last few months.

Monday, February 15, 2016

It Goes Down in the Daygo

I always enjoy a change of scenery to get me out of my element when shooting. Recently i took a quick trip down to San Diego and rented a house to set up a couple shoots with some great new models. This is my first set with Julia, she's an insanely driven fitness model and it shows. As you can see she can't take a bad shot so i basically didn't have to tell her anything just press the button since she's so conformable in front of a camera. Hope you enjoy and check out Julia on IG @JuliaGilas.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Summer in the Winter

Happy Monday all. Haven't updated you guys with a set for a while, so here's a good one to start your week off right. Casey and I linked up on IG, and I instantly knew she would be great to work with because let's face it she looks like she lives in the gym. We met up at my usual spot and even though the sun was out it was a little brisk and she was a trooper still killing her poses, and at the same time was super laid back and cool to work with. Definitely looking forward to more work with her. Check her out on IG @caseylovesfitness and low key prolly should get some training session sin with her too and get right for the summer,